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Saturday, January 2, 2010

First time being an idiot while taking photographs in 2010

I had the extreme pleasure of Marley's company today and she actually asked me to take a picture of her in her boots! This is unusual because she usually wants me to leave the camera as far away from her as possible. I was so excited about getting to take some shots of her that I completely forgot to check my camera settings. DARN IT!!!!! When I loaded the images into the computer and zoomed in on one, I thought WHAT ON EARTH IS WRONG HERE!?! The pictures were much grainier/noisier than I expected them to be. So upon checking the readings on the image, I had the camera set at 1000 ISO for outside on a bright day....URGHHhhhhhhh! This is a big NO NO NO!!! How many times in my life as a photographer have I done this same stupid mistake?????? I can't even begin to count! And every time I always think..."I will never do that again" but LOOK I did it again!

So anyway, these are not such great pictures technically, but I still love them anyway! :) And next time I will check my camera's ISO setting! I WILL I WILL I WILL!!!

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