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Thursday, November 26, 2009

Randy, Rita & family

So who takes photos for a photographer??? I Do! :) My friend and fellow photographer Randy of RM Images, has had me take his family photos for the last 3 years and it is always one of my most favorite shoots! He has such a great looking family anyway, and of course they all know how to dress & pose for photos! This year we went to a container yard(sorry folks that like these, it's not a public place) and got some awesome shots! As I said, it's always a blast to do this familys photos as they will put up with anything to get the shots they want, or the shots I want(hahaha), I don't think anyone would happily pose in front of a dumpster, except another photographer, and I think the shots turned out great! I will be on the lookout for more public containers and dumpsters! Thanks for trusting me to do a good job for you, you guys are great!

OH! Did I forget to mention that we were in a BLIZZARD trying to get these shots! SERIOUSLY, It was snowing and blowing so hard, not to mention the fact that we all were FREEZING! But still we had a great time complaining about the weather and snapping shots! :)

Corey - Senior 2010

This is Corey, I took her senior photos in late October. We had to search for the pretty fall colors since the wind had pretty much blew them all away. What a darling girl, such a joy to photograph! We started our session down by Ochoco Creek by the middle school, then moved on to a mini mall for the brick work shots. THEN we went to Ochoco Creek park...........

I took her older sisters senior photos at the park several years ago and for the sake of having some "matching" type shots, we returned to the same places at the park and got some shots of Corey. One "match" shot was on the bridge and the other was on an old log. The LOG shot was a DISASTER! Corey laid down on the log in a similar pose as her sister had. Several seconds later she starts squirming and saying ouch, oucH, ouCH oUCH, OUCH!!!!! SOMETHING IS BITING ME ALL OVER!!!! She jumped up off the log and uncovered the wasp nest she had been laying on. We all ran and the wasps chased us, poor Corey had the wasps all over her, even in her hair! IT WAS BAD! When it was all over with and Corey was fine, we all had a great laugh about it and decided we better find her a different log to lay on. hahahaha! We found one and she very carefully checked it out before posing on it. Well Corey....the result was a beautiful shot! :)

We got lots of wonderful shots of this beautiful girl, here are a few of my favorites, and of course THE LOG SHOT! :)

Matt - senior 2010

This is Matt, I took his senior photos at the end of October at Ochoco Creek park and a few places close by the park. As you can see it was a beautiful day and the fall colors were fantastic, too bad the colors went away so fast! We got lots of great photos, here are a few of my favorites.

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Quinten - Senior 2010

I took Quinten's photos in mid October at his familys home and they had some beautiful colors to work with. Quinten was an absolutely wonderful person to photograph, we took our time and he smiled the whole time, even with his mom and I constantly giving him confusing directions! We got lots of great pictures and here are a few of my favorites.

Smiles just don't get any better than this! And you sure can't fake a smile this good! Great job Quinten! :) :) :)

We went in the house so he could change shirts and out of nowhere he suddenly strikes this pose! I knew at the moment that I was going to love this picture......I believe it's my favorite from the whole day! :)

I wonder if this will be the Christmas card shot????? hahaha! Great shot people! :)

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