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Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Laurie - family shoot

I took some family photos for Laurie out at her parents cabin in our beautiful Ochoco Mountain area. We had a beautiful day, the setting was perfect, and nice looking subjects :-) These are a few of my favorites from the day.

Thanks Laurie! I think they turned out great!

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Stephanie I think we did good!

This is the 3rd year Stephanie and I have gotten together for a family photo shoot and I think it's the most successful one! We all know how little ones LOVE to cooperate at photo shoots:-) and Stephanies little boy is no exception. After about an hour with little success we called it good, after all we had at least 2 pictures where he was kind of smiling and several more where he was actually looking somewhat in the direction of the camera! LOL Once we gave up and just let him go play he was a happy boy and full of smiles! These are just a few of my MANY favorites from the day!

Thanks Steph! I had a blast and I always look forward to "next time". AND I think next time we might as well just start at the playground and have fun!

Senior shoot - Meagan

Took Meagans photos 10 days ago, yippee, I am gaining on the processing of all these wonderful seniors and familys that I have taken photos for. Meagan, besides being beautiful and easy to take photos of, got the rare opportunity of having her photos done on a day that was slightly overcast. The wheather was perfect, no blaring sun, pleasant temperature and no wind, so we were able to take the photos anywhere we wanted. She was a pleasure to work with. There were so many photos that I loved from this session, it was VERY hard to choose a few favorites, but here are a few that I narrowed it down to.

It's so nice of people to have these wonderful props just sitting in their yards for us to use :-)
This "300" coloring has become a favorite with the seniors and familys. Meagan looks great with it!

This one is using hi-key black & white.
A little "300" and "empty space" combined.
Even though this one doesn't show her personality, which was very up-beat and happy, she accomodated my request for at least one "serious" shot. Along with the 300 effect, I think it made a very stunning photograph of a very beautiful young woman. Thanks Meagan!
This is more like her, beautiful smile!

This effect is called "old photo", another very popular way to process a photo. I think it works great for Meagan with the hay background.
With every shoot I do, weather it's a senior, a family, a child, a baby, a wedding, etc. I always have one photo that really stands out above all the others to me. It is usually a more relaxed, natural shot where I feel the subject is totally being themselves and everything just looks "right" to me. This one is the one that stood out to me in Meagans session, I LOVE this one!
Thanks Meagan, I had a great time!

Monday, October 27, 2008

Jennifer, Marilee & their families

Two different families in one. Jennifer & Marilee are sisters so we did their pictures at the same time, kind of :-) Great bunch of people, lot's of happy smiles and pretty cooperative children. These are some of my favorites from the day.

Jennifer & her family
Everyone elses eyes were shut in this one, but she's so cute I just couldn't waste the shot!
Ahhhh, mom & the little ones.
And of course, dad and the little ones.
She was way too busy playing to put up with getting her picture taken, but we managed to get a few cute ones of her when she would pause for a second!
I love this one! What a precious moment!
He's not real sure he likes my big old camera pointing at him! He never cried though :-)
He thought laying on the ground was much more fun! What a darling baby boy!
Since her brother thought it was fun, she decided to give it a try! I learned long ago NEVER wait for them both to smile or you'll NEVER get a shot! Seconds after this she was up and running again.
Beautiful little family!
Now we move on to sister Marilee and her family.
I have taken photos for this bunch before, so the boys were quite relaxed about it all. They know that if they smile for me a few times if will be over sooner and they can get back to some serious playing.
Dad and his boys! And Mom and the boys. We are pushing our luck by now and play time is about to win over :-)
They win! So much for the clean clothes and pictures!
Ahhhhhh, what a sweet little family!
So last year when I did their family shoot, the oldest boy was very into entertaining my camera, he danced, jumped, smiled endlessly, and posed just about every way we asked. This year he wasn't having anything to do with posing so Dad was trying to show him a cool pose in hopes he would cooperate. Well no such luck, but I think Dad did a great job with the pose! :-)
They did sit still for a few shots, just because they are nice boys and knew their parents really wanted them to smile cute.

I LOVE this shot! This is one of my all time favorites! This is SO darn cute!
And here he is being good and smiling nice for us, what a great looking boy!
And last, but certainly not least, He has had enough of the pictures, he is done smiling at me! This one is a CLASSIC! I LOVE it!
So I think we had a successful day! Lots of great shots of some wonderful people. Thanks all of you for being such patient parents! I had a blast!

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