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Friday, July 30, 2010

Maria - One Year Old

This is Maria, daughter of Jessica & Matt, and it's her first birthday photos. I thought I would do a collage of her because I wanted to include all these pictures without it seeming to be overkill! :) She was so funny to watch and photograph through time event.... as you can see, she was quite annoyed with the hair bow and wanted to get rid of it! She finally got rid of the bow then decided to crawl away, she was done with pictures! THEN she spotted the cupcake her mama had placed in the grass for her and she was a HAPPY girl... notice she is not concerned with the bow in her hair anymore! :) She is such a little doll and I always look forward to taking her pictures!

Jessica & family

This is Jessica and her family. We have taken quite a few pictures in the past couple of years of this wonderful family and it's always fun! Her grandma was here for a visit again so we took some family shots and some for her daughter, Maria, who is one year old now.

This is Jessica, her husband Matt, son Caleb and daughter Maria.
Jessica & Matt

I LOVE this one.....makes me laugh every time I look at it! thanks for being fun people :)
The original five + grandma
And the whole group.

Her Grandma (such a sweet lady)
Caleb & his Great grandma
One of the funnest jump shots ever!!! I LOVE it! You guys are AWESOME!!!

Day #211 of 365 Project

It only takes me about 20 shots to come up with one image where the bee is somewhat in focus!! I am NOT very good at close up work, especially when it's a bee flying around my face! :)

Thursday, July 29, 2010

Branden & Miska

This is Branden & Miska, they are getting married on August 7. I knew Branden already because I had taken his senior pictures several years ago, but this was the first time I had met his beautiful bride to be, Miska and I must say it was a treat! Besides being beautiful, she was also very sweet and lots of fun. We had a great time taking these pictures and I can't wait to photograph their wedding!! There were so many pictures that I LOVED from this session, but I finally narrowed my choices down to these to share.

This was really such an easy shoot to do, these two young people were so comfortable with each other and their love for each other was VERY obvious!

To see more from this shoot, look here... www.KHphotos.zenfolio.com

More of Margaret & Mary's Grandchildren

So as promised, here's round 2 of Margaret & Mary's grandkids. This time we had the same two boys from the last session(Mary's grandsons) and the new 3 are Margarets other grandchildren that were missing at the first session....whew! Does that make any sense :) Hopefully someday we get all of them together!!

As usual, if you want to see more from this shoot, look here... www.KHphotos.zenfolio.com

Day #210 of 365 Project

I took this picture last night around sunset. While technically the image is far from perfect, I really loved the subject and the way both adult horses are nearly uniform in their poses. :)

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Gloriosa Daisy's

These daisy's are one of my favorite flowers. There are so many different patterns to them & they grow like weeds! :)

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