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Sunday, January 10, 2010

Day #10 of 365 Project

For day #10 I have a photo of this set of "jacks". I bought these months ago to use as part of a prop set at a shoot I did of a little girl. I never ended up using them and forgot all about them. Yesterday I was rumaging through the backseat of my pickup looking for something for the senior girl I was photographing to use for a leash for her dog as she forget it's lease at home 45 miles away. While digging through all the "stuff" in my backseat, I came across these jacks. Last night I brought them in the house with all the other things I deemed "unnecessary" to have in my pickup. I got them out this morning, and having not played with jacks for at least 20+ years, I figured I might as well get them out and give it a try. IT WAS FUN! I don't really like these as much as the old fashioned metal ones(these are rubber) but they worked. :) I may have a new favorite passtime now! :) :) :) BTW I did find a lease for her dog to use.......the strap off my camera bag!

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