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Friday, August 28, 2009

Brooklyn - senior 2010

I took Brooklyn's pictures several weeks ago, and as usual I am behind on posting again because I am behind on processing pictures, in fact I am behind on everything right now....AGAIN! We did her pictures in two sessions because our first one was kind of late in the day and we didn't have any sunshine to show of her pretty blond hair! During the first session we also did some family pictures. Brooklyn is a beautiful girl with a really fun personality and I truely enjoyed taking her senior pictures. We took lots and I had a hard time choosing blog ones again, but I finally chose and here they are!

Monday, August 24, 2009

Columbia River Gorge Trip - Sunday

On our way home from Joy & Johnny's wedding Jenny & I took more side trips and had a great time snapping pictures of everything that caught our eye. It only took us 10 hours to make our way from Bridal Veil to Powell Butte(easy 2.5 hour trip) :) We both are photography addicts and we were very happy to be in each others company, especially since our husbands never see why we want to stop and take pictures of everything! So this is the last post from that little trip but Jenny & I have vowed to go back to this area in October and catch the fall colors.

This is the last waterfall picture....I PROMISE! Multnomah Falls. We had to take one final stop at the falls just to get a shot in good light.

Soon after we were on the road we spotted this quaint little stone cottage. This was our first stop of the day........MANY MANY more followed! :)

Next we stopped at this cool place which we had seen originally on our trip to Bridal Veil but knew we didn't have that much time to goof off taking pictures so we watched for it and stopped on Sunday. I really thought I would be able to do a bit of research and figure what exactly this place was.....it was more difficult than I thought and I have not been able to find much info on the place at all. I did find out that DFG stands for Diamond Fruit Growers. Van Horn seems to be the street name because the town name I have now learned is Odell. Anyway this place fascinated us and we snapped many pics.

While we were taking pictures of the DFG building we heard a train whistle, and I jokeingly said..."wouldn't it be cool if a train came right through that orchard"! I waddled quickly down to the end of the building and THERE IT WAS! This was one of the highlights of the day for me...I was so excited to see the train (it doesn't take much to thrill me! :) It was the Mount Hood train with a load of passenger/tourists taking a scenic ride through the area.

Next stop.....this church caught our eye and we took many angles of it too. I loved the cooperation of the sky this day!

We pulled off the road to take a few shots of a barn we had spotted and there in the weeds was this beauty. I found this one and called Jenny over to see it as she was very preoccupied picking wild blackberries for our snack.....Thanks Jenny! :)

This next series of barns were all along the Hood River "Fruit Loop" everywhere we looked we found more fascinating structures to photograph.

WOW were we ever happy to come across this place and we will go back to it seasonally, it was not only a great place to purchase fruits, veggies & flowers but it was a photographers wonderland! It's Rasmussen Farms on the Fruit Loop and they had so many beautiful flowers and lucsious eats, not to mention a colorful artifact or antique everywhere you looked. This place was GREAT!

Forgive me......I got a bit carried away taking pictures of sunflowers! :) We must have spent an hour wandering around in the sunflower patch taking pictures of flowers and bees.

They had so much yummy stuff inside their store, we left there with LOTS of pictures and LOTS of yummy fruit.

After we were finally satisfied that we had enough shots from Rasmussen Farms, and because it was getting later in the day that we had planned, we headed towards home with the plan to drive up to Timberline Lodge as a final stop. I was in awe of how beautiful the mountain looked and of course had to stop and take a couple more shots.

So these last shots are at Timberline Lodge. I had never been here before and was amazed at just how interesting a place it is. They used this place for the outside front view of the "Overlook Hotel" in Stephen Kings movie "The Shining". I would love to go back and see it in the winter with all the snow, we'll see :)

The wood carvings and decor are outstanding! There are lots of carvings in logs and huge timber planks of all kinds of animals.

I liked this little door, don't really know why but it just caught my attention. Maybe because it is so plain & simple amid all the other things in this lodge.

This is another memo from the movie "The Shining". After doing a bit of research I have learned that the Lodge management asked that the movie people use the room # 237 instead of the books famous room # 217. There is no room #237 at Timberline Lodge so they requested that the movie use that #. They feared if the movie used # 217 that no one would EVER want to stay in that room again.

This door knocker and the door it's on had me captivated for probably 10 minutes and about 20 image shots (maybe more). What a cool door! It leads out onto the balcony and outdoor staircases in the front of the Lodge. I'll limit my shots of it here to 2 since I probably went overboard on the sunflowers earlier. :)

The ironwork at the lodge was nothing short of spectacular either. I didn't get pictures of a lot of things because many areas of the lodge are quite dark.

Now seriously I never did get to see any Blue Ox Men around the place but I was watching for them! I mean after Jenny's spotting of Tarzan and then me catching Fabio around the falls, anything was possible! lol

Last shot! Then back to people posts! This is Mt.Hood from the back patio of Timberline, that's all of the mountain that's visable because you are WAY UP THERE!