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Monday, November 29, 2010

Sunday, November 28, 2010

Day #332 of 365 Project

Mooie Cat giving me the "I NEED fresh cat food in my bowl" look. My cats are SO spoiled!!!

Day #331 of 365 Project

It's official.... I am already sick of snow!!! And it's only just started, it's not even really "winter" here yet! I had a family photo shoot in Tumalo this morning and I had to have my husband drive me over to it because 1. The roads were so icy I didn't want to drive and 2. the snow was falling when we left home and I was pretty sure he was going to have to stand right beside me and hold an umbrella over my camera to keep it dry during the outside shots! All turned out well though, the snow stopped falling and we didn't slide off the roads. When we got home we still had some snow on the pickup and this is a small (very small) sample.

Friday, November 26, 2010

Attempt at some shots in the Christmas Dress :)

365 Project Catch-up Days #312 thru #330

Yippee!!!! I am now all caught up on this Project, what a relief! I was beginning to think I was going to have to give it up after doing it faithfully for 9 months! So only 35 more days left of it now, and I WILL keep up and finish it!!

Day 312 These weird orange berry bushes grow on the side of a motel downtown.
Day 313 Tuff likes to sit by the fire..... there is always a cat battle over who gets to be in the basket and usually Tuff wins. If one of the other cats is in it and he sees them, he will stare them down until they finally get uncomfortable and leave!! LOL

Day 314 It's Mooie's turn in the basket today!!!
Well, maybe not! LOL
Day 315 These Canadian Honkers are on their way out of this cold place!!
Day 316 Wasn't long ago this tree had green leaves, then yellow, now gone till next spring!
Day 317 Another of Tuff's favorite things.....laying belly up on our bed.
Day 318 Mooie in the basket again. I was watching the fire to make sure it was going to stay lit and she decided to join me.

Day 319 I grabbed this blue garden hose from Justins old house. He & his family moved to a new house and they don't have to do there own yard work so I grabbed all his hoses and sprinklers, because I don't have a gardener!!!
Day 320 More geese heading out of this cold place!!
Day 321 Justin & Misty's new house on moving day
Day 322 More lazy cat pictures!
Day 323 Time to put this away for the winter!
Day 324 I took some 5 generation for Ethan's family and he sat here at the beginning, while we were waiting for the others, he made this face and then told me he wasn't quite ready for pictures yet!!!! This young man is the most cooperative boy I have ever taken pictures of, so his comment was genuine!!!! Soon after he was "ready" and put his smile on!!
Day 325 I can't remember when I was ever so excited and happy to get something..... my husband brought this wonderful thing home today.......no more pain from splitting wood with the ax !!!!!! YIPPEE!!!!!
Day 326 Waiting for husband to get this cut up in smaller blocks so I can use the log splitter on it!!!
Day 327 So the quality of this shot is pretty bad as I took a picture of my cell phone. My husband went to work today so that they could hopefully keep the roads clear. It was freezing and the snow was about 4 feet deep!!!! This picture is of a semi truck on the side of the road. That little dot on the right of the screen is a guy that works with my husband, good comparison to see just how deep the snow is!!
Day 328 My footprints in the snow..... I had to get my snow boots out and dusted off, it's that time of year!!!
Day 329 THANKSGIVING DAY My sweet little granddaughter made this for me last Thanksgiving and I put it back out this year, I LOVE it! Her cute little hands are bigger this year. Hummmm..... I need a comparison!
Day 330 Thanksgiving leftover. My homemade pumpkin pie is the best in the world IMO. I didn't have to cook dinner this year but I couldn't pass up making some pie!
I AM NOW CAUGHT UP WITH THIS 365 PROJECT!!!!!!! More tomorrow :)

Thursday, November 25, 2010

Travis - Senior 2011

I took senior pictures for Travis several weeks ago out in Powell Butte at his familys ranch. Fantastic location! I love going to new places to take pictures and this one was one of my favorites! Travis is a really nice guy and was very easy to work with. I was familiar with him already from the dozens of sports pictures I have taken of him in the past years. So as usual, there are LOTS of pictures that I love from this shoot, but can only share a few here, so here are a few of my favorites.

To see more from this shoot, look here... www.KHphotos.zenfolio.com

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