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Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Brandon dance photos 2010

Brandon came down to the park with Leigh, Elizabeth & Emilie while they had dance pictures taken and he got a few of his own pictures taken too. He was a really good sport at putting up with all those girls! :)

To see more from this shoot, look here... www.KHphotos.zenfolio.com

Leigha dance photos 2010

I took these dance photos of Leigha almost 2 weeks ago, right before the recital. It was fun doing these and seeing 2 different sides of Leigha.....the ballernia & the skater!

To see more from this shoot, look here... www.KHphotos.zenfolio.com

Emilie - Dance Photos 2010

More dance pictures! This one is of Emilie, a very pretty & talented young lady! She was a lot of fun to take pictures of and of course we got many many pictures but I chose these few, my favorites, to share here.

To see more of Emilie's dance session, look here.... www.KHphotos.zenfolio.com

Elizabeth - Dance photos 2010

I took some dance photos for Elizabeth almost 2 weeks ago and i am finally done with them! Talk about biting off more that I can chew, I took a bunch of different dance photos for people, all the round up, parade, cattle drive + 2 children & family sessions, all in 3 days time. I had been completely caught up with pictures and editing ntil all this hit now i am so far behind again it's not even funny! So here is the first of the dancers, beautiful girl and LOTS of fun!!!! We took SOOooooo many pictures and I LOVE them all but I had to choose only a few to share, so here are my favorites.

To see more from Elizabeths dance session, look here... www.KHphotos.zenfolio.com

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Day #180 of 365 Project

This isn't much of a photo, but it has special meaning to me. When my kids were little, they used to play with this old phone cord, wrapping it tightly around the tree then watching it quickly uncoil itself. Some how they must have lost interest and forgot about it and just left it laying in what used to be a "V" in the tree. Well it's been many years now since it was played with, the "V" or fork in the tree has grown closed and the cord has become a permanent part of the tree. But I still see it every time I look at the tree and remember some very wonderful days when my kids were all here with me. ........Wow, I had to stop writing for a few minutes and go collect myself, I had a "Moment" ! My daughter moved away from Oregon quite a few years ago and I have hoped that she would someday move back this way, but I now have accepted the truth that she has chosen to make her home in Missouri for now and probably many years to come. It's hard for me to have her so far away, I LOVE her so much and miss her something awful! Gotta stop this, I am making myself too sad!!!

Monday, June 28, 2010

Day #179 of 365 Project

On my way out to LS Park I spotted these beautiful pink flowers, so that is my shot(s) of the day! :)

Crooked River Round Up 2010

As I said in my Parade post, I didn't get a lot of pictures of the Round Up events this year....to many things interfeared with my picture taking!!! I have a few rodeo shots here to share, nothing spectacular, but fun anyway!

I thought this was a really great way to start the rodeo, they let these beautiful horses out to run free in the arena. They are bucking stock, and they wanted to share the beauty of these mothers and babys. They explained that these horses love to buck and that no man can just make them do it.

Ristine & friend (Facebook people) selling beer :)

The rodeo Queens gave out LOTS of autographed photos!

Local bull rider and friend.....R.J. Kriege

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