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Friday, September 25, 2009

Chelsi - senior 2010

Here's Chelsi, another senior for 2010. I took her sister Heather's senior pictures several years ago and at the time Chelsi was not even wanting to be photographed, she finally gave in but would only give us a little smile. This time for her pictures, she had great smiles. She also had a huge dog that didn't really want to look at the camera but when he saw her sitting on the ground he decided to give her some attention and we got this great unposed shot of both of them.

I want to add this sad note in here as it happened to her family and should be passed on to everyone that intends to have pictures taken with their dog. I mentioned we took her sisters pictures several years ago, her sister also brought her dog along for some photos with her and several weeks after the photo shoot Heather lost her dog to the PARVO disease that dogs get. Please remember that the park or any other place that your dog is not familiar with may cause problems. As I understand, PARVO is something that gets in the ground easily from an infected dog and remains there and contagious to other animals for several years. If you want your dog in your pictures, please be sure it has been vaccinated or choose a place you know is safe. Anywhere that is public may be a hazard for your pet.

So now on with Chelsi's pictures....These are a few of my favorites.

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Tyler - senior 2010 and his family

I had the pleasure of photographing Tyler and his family several weeks ago. This family was so fun to photograph! We went to Les Schwab park in Prineville and used the ampitheater the moved down by the river. This post has lots of pictures because we had so many fun shots I wanted to share.

Sunday, September 13, 2009

Sydney - Senior 2010

I took Sydney's senior pictures several weeks ago,......yep I am behind again! I actually watched the clock on the last few seniors I have processed and found (shocked) that it takes me approximately 8 hours from start to finish, of course I have to get up and walk around and do other things that my life demand I do.....like eat, sleep and go to work :) So now that I have that off my chest (lol) I will move on to Sydney's post. Beautiful girl and sweet as can be....we did a few at her house then headed out to Lone Pine to take some shots at her work place which is a ranch. She did her "pretty" shots then got her grubbies on for some reality shots of her at work. I had a great time taking her pictures, dust bowl and all..hahahaha! That's another story! We got lots of great pictures and here are a few of my favorites.