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Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Day #26 of 365 Project

I was talking with one of the girls I work with the other day about this sign and wanting to take a photograph of it. We both agreed that it is a great sign and we would like to take a good photo of it but the surroundings just usually won't allow it. For one thing it is right at the corner of a very busy downtown intersection and the area around it is pretty cluttered with power lines and other distractions, basically you just can't get a clear shot at it that will look decent. So this morning I happened to be out & about very early and there were very few other cars around. I was able to stand right in the middle of the intersection and grab a shot. I don't know how old this sign actually is as the whole place recently had a pretty amazing facelift and added a drive thru. I would bet this is not the original sign because the place has been here for well over 30 years that I know of, but the sign is really cool anyway. I will have to do some research now and see what I can find out about the place. I do know that they have GREAT food!

So Gina, this one, day # 26 is for you!

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