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Sunday, January 3, 2010

Day #3 of 365 Project

For day # 3, I have this shot of my granddaughters run away balloon. My son & his family wanted some pictures of their daughter to use for Valentine Cards. They know how busy I am, so they decided that Jan. 3 was not too early to get pictures to use for Valentines :) They had went and bought her a balloon & some candy to have in her pictures, and even though her mama tied the balloon string to her wrist, she still managed to let it get away( it slipped loose while she was dancing for the camera). She was pretty sad watching it fly off into the sky, but they gave her the candy and I think the balloon was pretty much forgotten :) I thought about this project and snapped a shot as the balloon drifted away and my son must have read my mind because just as I shot it, he said, "You could use that as your shot of the day". After pictures we went to McDonalds for lunch :) We went to the play area :) It was quite an experience for me :) I learned today that adults supervising children can also play on the equipment :) The slide was ummmmmmmm....AMAZING!! Hahahahahaha

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