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Saturday, December 26, 2009

Christmas 2009 - The Gingerbread House, The Princess & The Cats & The Deer

Our Christmas this year was very nice but pretty uneventful. On Christmas Eve, my friend Jeri brought this wonderful Gingerbread house over for us and since I was babysitting Marley that day, she assumed it was for her and quickly took possession of it. Jeri gave me a gingerbread house last Christmas too.....BUT this years was edible! Jeri always makes the most wonderful baked goodies, from holiday cookies to beautiful wedding cake and everything she makes is DELICIOUS!

Check out some of Jeri's wonderful creations here...... www.jeriscakes.blogspot.com

The day was really cold and foggy, kind of moody. We started our morning with a yard full of deer.

Next we went over to my son's house to visit and take Marley some gifts.
Seeing Miss Princess Bed Head was the highlight of the day!

Next it was back home for the annual Christmas Cat photo shoot. Tuff was pretty bored with the whole thing but he did agree to pose for a few shots with the promise of Turkey scraps later.

Yogurt (AKA Ice Cream)was the next cat to join the shoot, she was also quite bored and kind of annoyed.
I couldn't decide which side I liked which cat on so we tried both, they both got a little more alert when I started moving the boxes around.
They were getting sick of the nonsense and decided to start a cat fight to get out of the photo shoot.
Doesn't she look thrilled?! Just a few more shots and she would be done :)
AND then Mooie (AKA Big Trouble) came in from outside for her portrait. She has no patience with photo shoots so 1 shot of her and she was done......or so I thought!
Company would be over at any time so I put the Gingerbread house out on the table to share with all.......This is what I walked back in to!!!!!!

Tuff, who really respected the gingerbread house, checks out the damages.
And he's not very pleased with Mooie! He promptly jumped down and very seriously hissed at her!
BTW we did put the house back together, I had some frosting and it worked perfectly to glue the pieces back in place......BUT unfortunately we had to pass on eating it :) It's now sitting up on a stool that Mooie won't bother climbing up on(she's very lazy)

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Jeri said...

Maybe next year I need to make a catnip house just for the kittys! Cute pics!

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