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Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Senior shoot - Meagan

Took Meagans photos 10 days ago, yippee, I am gaining on the processing of all these wonderful seniors and familys that I have taken photos for. Meagan, besides being beautiful and easy to take photos of, got the rare opportunity of having her photos done on a day that was slightly overcast. The wheather was perfect, no blaring sun, pleasant temperature and no wind, so we were able to take the photos anywhere we wanted. She was a pleasure to work with. There were so many photos that I loved from this session, it was VERY hard to choose a few favorites, but here are a few that I narrowed it down to.

It's so nice of people to have these wonderful props just sitting in their yards for us to use :-)
This "300" coloring has become a favorite with the seniors and familys. Meagan looks great with it!

This one is using hi-key black & white.
A little "300" and "empty space" combined.
Even though this one doesn't show her personality, which was very up-beat and happy, she accomodated my request for at least one "serious" shot. Along with the 300 effect, I think it made a very stunning photograph of a very beautiful young woman. Thanks Meagan!
This is more like her, beautiful smile!

This effect is called "old photo", another very popular way to process a photo. I think it works great for Meagan with the hay background.
With every shoot I do, weather it's a senior, a family, a child, a baby, a wedding, etc. I always have one photo that really stands out above all the others to me. It is usually a more relaxed, natural shot where I feel the subject is totally being themselves and everything just looks "right" to me. This one is the one that stood out to me in Meagans session, I LOVE this one!
Thanks Meagan, I had a great time!

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