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Sunday, September 28, 2008

Middle School Fall Sports

Took all the middle school fall sports photos last week and I must say that for the first time in my career of doing these pictures, all went very smoothly and quickly. The coaches are not overly fond of picture day because it means a whole day of valueable practice lost and because normally it's quite a lengthy confusing ordeal. BUT this featured coach....Coach Fleming, had a great idea for making it run more smoothly. I won't go into detail here on what he did, but I will tell him one more time...THANK YOU! It made everything so much easier for me too!

Coach Fleming demonstrating to his whole team exactly how they will pose when their turn to be photographed comes. AND they actually all paid attention, well most of them did:)

7th grade football coaches.

YES! All went well, see how happy they look now that photo day is over!

7th grade football team.

8th grade football coaches.

8th grade football team.

8th grade Volleyball teams.....looking good ladies!

8th grade volleyball player. I LOVE this picture. Usually sports photos are not all that personal, but she wanted her pup in a shot with her, I think this was a great idea. Thanks Lainey!

7th grade Volleyball Teams.

6th grade Volleyball Teams.
Cross country team will be up here next week, they have some new players to add so we will do some reshoots next week.
Once again thanks to Coach Fleming for making this seasons photo shoots go so much better, I used your ideas with every team and all went perfectly!

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