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Saturday, August 9, 2008

Necoles senior portrait session

We did Necoles senior photos at her familys ranch, beautiful place and endless photo props and backgrounds. She's a beautiful girl with many talents. She wanted her photos to be of the "real" her and include things and places that are dear to her. A few might seem a bit different from the "normal" senior shots that a lot of students get. This first one of her comes from her nickname in a weight training class shes in. They call her "The Hulk".

This shot was taken with a backdrop of a cabin her grandfather built. The wall you see is covered with deer and elk hides from his hunting days.
She's a true athlete. As you can see, she is involved in many sports.

Here she is just being beautiful.
Part of her time is spent driving this tractor for various jobs so she wanted this setting and outfit to be part of her senior memories.

She's even beautiful in stained clothes.

The tire is nearly as tall as her!

I just loved this one for some reason, it's one of my personal favorites from the shoot.

No ranch shoots are complete without a few with the barn.

Just being beautiful again. And she was so comfortable in front of the camera.

We had a hard time posing her with these flowers, but managed to get a few good ones.

And of course her beloved pup had to get in with her too. She(the dog)was camera shy and did NOT want to look towards me at all and of course the more we laughed about it, the more she looked away!

Inside yet another barn. This place was wonderful for a shoot and I couldn't have asked for a better subject.

One more, maybe a bit more traditional.
There were so many wonderful shots from this session that I could post many more. Necole has a great personality and sense of humor, great ideas on props and backgrounds, was willing to try anything we asked of her. It was a super fun day and I look forward to the winter session with her that we decided we have to do. Thanks Necole, Lori, Jackie, Rachael, & Steve for the fun day, you guys are great!

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