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Saturday, August 13, 2011


Since I got the wedding pictures all done for Jeff & Carrie and got Bridgett's daughters pictures done for her before she leaves tomorrow for vacation, I figured I would get away from the computer for a few hours and get done with some important things that I have managed to ignore for long enough!

So the morning started with this wonderful cinnamon toast, which I discovered at the wedding in Shady Cove.  I found some at the grocery store yesterday and could hardly wait for morning to try it!!  It was delicious!!  I'm hooked now, I will use this as incentive to get out of bed in the mornings!!

Next was to get the business ledgers caught up.... I hadn't made an entry in either of them since March!!!

While working in the ledgers, I burned wedding and family pic CD's.  23 CD's burned :)

Next was the "Need to File" stack, which I have ignored for well over a month!  AND the paper weight is a treasure from my past... my son got it for me when he was just a little boy.  :)

My "Helper"  making sure I ate all of my breakfast!!

After my home jobs were done, I headed down to the County Fair in hopes of seeing a good friends daughter in a competition.  I missed it though... I'm always LATE!!!  So I ventured into the pig barn.  I like the pigs :)  This cutie struck a nice pose!!

Ran into a lady I know whose children were showing pigs.  She was going to show me how they had taught their pigs to "sit" but she didn't have any doggie treats to reward them with so the pigs weren't going to perform!  I did see a rather scary pig fight though!  I didn't know pigs fought, but they sure do!!!!!

This pig was quite happy to just hang around with his owner, Kierra and she was nice enough to let me take some pictures of her lovely pig.

After the pig barn, I decided I had better get going and get the now burned CD's to the customers who were waiting for them.  On my way exiting the fairgrounds, I had to pass the carnival.  It wasn't open yet but they were trying out the rides and opening the food and game stands, so of course I had to snap a few pictures!
 I nearly had to chew my own arm off to keep from buying cotton candy, but I made it out empty handed :)

So it was a good day, I feel very relieved to be caught up on my ledgers, CD's , etc.  And I had a good time looking around the fair.  The rest of the day was pretty uneventful, I came home and had lunch with my husband then got back to work editing other customers pictures :)

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