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Sunday, June 12, 2011

Beau, Kaylea, Karlea, & Krew - Part 2

This is why it takes me forever to get pictures done, I play around too much with them in Photoshop!!  Oh well, I have to entertain myself too while I work, right ???  So on these three, the first is an original version, second has a "drama" filter on it to bring out small details, third has an "Old Skool" action to make it look aged a bit.  This "scene" was Beau's idea, this chair is kind of dirty, in fact the whole room is quite dirty and I wouldn't ask someone to go into it or to sit in that awful chair, but he liked the look and went for it and as you can see, the rest of the family was game too!  I think it was an awesome idea and I LOVE the pictures we got here!  Thanks Beau & Kaylea for NOT being picky about dirt!!

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